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Sunny J participates in GLO'ART Residency in Belgium

Sunny J is invited to participate in the GLO'ART international residency program in Lanaken, Belgium, for 7 weeks in June - August 2018.

Situated at the border of Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, GLO'ART center has an impressive collection of artworks created on site by emerging and mid-career artists around the globe. The display is innovative as well: in addition to multiple spacious indoor galleries, many artworks are shown in the extensive plein-air gallery and gardens.

With an opportunity to concentrate on one large-size painting, Sunny J completed The Dollhouse, a 2-meter tall painting using the ancient technique of oil-based tempera. Inspired by George Orwell's 1984 and Haruki Murakami's 1Q94, this painting reflects on the inter-influence of the "Big Brother" and the "Little People" as manipulating identities of the current society.

Plein-air gallery

GLO'ART Center's painting studio

Studio and gallery

GLO'ART Center's sculpture garden

A peek into the studio

Work in progress

The Dollhouse, 190 x 140 cm , oil-based tempera on canvas


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