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Not A Single One


Thesis research project and solo exhibition

Not A Single One explores the coexistence of multiple identities within the same person, and also tests the public’s credulity to “official” information.

Sunny secretly invents two personas who publicly join her exhibition:

Anastazja Luna (Madame Luna) is a professional fortune-teller from France. Her last name “Luna” is chosen as opposed to the famous French fortune-teller Mme Soleil, and also opposite to the artist’s name, Sunny. Madame Luna is featured as a guest artist, exhibiting her large-scale drawings in juxtaposition to Sunny’s paintings.

Minse Zonge is an Austrian art critic and curator. Her name, pronounced in the French way, has the connotations: “minces songes – meager thoughts”, or “mensonges – lies”. Minse Zonge fictionally curates this same exhibition in the cultural context of Vienna, and publishes an exhibition catalogue.

Sunny's Tarot cards

Planetary Spread

Not a Single One installation view

Sunny's paintings and Tarot cards


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