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Performative Illustration - Nana? Nana!

Nana? Nana!

Performance in collaboration with Erica Huang

Coordinator: Chloe Hayes

3 December 2014

A performative illustration of the Japanese manga Nana, by Ai Yazawa. The story develops between two girls both named Nana, one sentimental and easily falling in love, the other a punk rocker and chasing her dream. The two meet in Tokyo and their lives are interwoven thereafter.

The performance depicts the initial encounter of two perfect strangers, the joy, anger, warmth,

misunderstanding, ardor,conflicts, love, hatred, among all other episodes in their common

experiences. The performers meet at the center of the gallery. Nana Komatsu (Hachi) anxiously

looks for connections and attachment. She actively clings herself to Nana Osaki, a somewhat

ambitious and nonchalant rocker. Hachi ties her own little finger with Nana’s and there begins

their intertwined lives. The two girls have to stay physically in contact and as the entire

audience is invited to tie them up, starting from a small body part and spreading to the whole

body, the two Nana’s are forced to become one moving

and living as one.



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