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Gemini selected into 2014 GlobeMed Art Gala

Sunny's latest painting, Gemini, is selected by the 2014 GlobeMed Art Gala, an annual juried exhibition that raises funds for charity. The opening reception will be at the Art Museum of Rochester (610 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY 14607) on Friday, December 5th, 2014.


Tempera and oil on canvas

33 x 42 in. (83 x 106 cm)


This trompe-l’oeil painting narrates an unsettling story of a woman split in time. A pregnant woman carries unborn babies who are already invited by their own personified deaths to a sad danse macabre; her nipples sink into convex and are stitched by a thread of her own hair. Her hollow leg is awkwardly joint by a page torn from a fashion magazine, where a red shoe combines modern high heels and pointy medieval crakows. On top of the paper floats a half-bio, half-mechanical broken butterfly.

In the right half of the painting, the woman’s other self seems to be more rooted in the future: she has horrifying terminator scars and is ripping her own shoulder open with bare fingers. Her suffering is reciprocated by an unknown foot underneath, which is pierced by an X and dripping blood. While her face overlaps a blurred photograph, her legs are linked to a renaissance-style drawing on a piece of wrinkled papyrus. The four legs in the painting intertwine and connect the two figures in a supernatural way. At the bottom-left corner of the painting, the artist left a note with her personal logo.


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