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These are odes to the power of the uterus, the origin of human life and the transmission of human species on earth. However, such a glorious function of the womb has often been associated with adjectives such as "evil", "dirty", "unlucky", "bloody", "pervert"... To dissect the secret of birth, I used embroidery - a form of labor tightly knitted with female life throughout history - to depict each layer of this container of life. The new "containers" - elongated visual rectangles, are then installed in hidden yet inevitable places in the exhibition space: over the head and underneath the steps, respectively, when one descends the stairs.   


Embroidery on plastic, 

installed underneath the staircase in Centro Negra, Blanca, Spain


Embroidery on plastic, 

installed above the staircase in Centro Negra, Blanca, Spain

Next project: Rendez-Vous

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