Madame Anastazja Luna and Frau Minse Zonge join Sunny's thesis exhibition

I am excited to annouce that a renowned French fortune-teller, Anastazja Luna, and an Austrian art critic, Minse Zonge, will be joining me at my thesis exhibition. Madame Luna will display some intricate drawings of me based upon her readings of  my future.  Frau Zonge will be the curator of this two-person exhibition and t...

Voyageuse / DID in Vienna

podcast of 3 episodes / Mixed-Media painting on canvas


Listen to the story here!


Voyageuse is a romantic fantasy story conceived during my 2012 trip in Europe. The story is set in Vienna, where Ahbaya, an Indian girl from an extremely religious family, meets with her couchsurfing host Stephanos.  Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Stephanos has a metaphysical t...


2'6'' x 10'  (76 x 305 cm)

Charcoal and acrylic on cardboard


We live our lives by melting.

From little kids, to adults, to senior people, we gain an increasing clear and colorful vision of ourselves, at the cost of our physical existence.

What melts us?

The heat of global warming?  The vehemence of political contention?  The fervor of blind patriotism?  The gunfire of never ending wars?  The...

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